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Las Vegas Traditional Wedding Packages: Bliss Chapel-Chapel of Flowers

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Bride and Groom in a church Wedding

Nestled amidst Las Vegas' iconic dazzling lights and vibrant energy are traditional wedding options that offer couples a blend of classic elegance and unmistakable Las Vegas flair. From opulent chapels that have witnessed countless love stories unfold to picturesque outdoor venues surrounded by the stunning desert landscape, Las Vegas presents a diverse tapestry of choices for those seeking a wedding that beautifully marries tradition with the city's inimitable spirit. Here we will explore some more traditional options for marriage, and chapel weddings for the true wedding ceremony experience. Let's get into the first option.

Chapel of Flowers Wedding Options

Celebrate your love story at the enchanting Chapel of the Flowers, a haven of romance in the heart of Las Vegas.To make your special day unforgettable, they have designed their wedding packages to ensure they are perfect for your unique style and preferences.. Your options start at the basic package, offering a bit more simplicity while not losing the romance, to the regal package, a luxurious choice to make it even more elegant.

1. Basic Las Vegas Wedding Package (From $369.00 Per Group)

The Basic Package offers a perfect blend of understated charm and elegance for those who believe less is more. This package covers the essentials, ensuring a seamless and intimate ceremony. You'll enjoy a beautifully decorated chapel, a professional photographer to capture your cherished moments, and a bouquet for the bride. It's ideal for couples who want to focus on the core of their commitment without the fuss.

2. Traditional Las Vegas Wedding Package (From $545.00 Per Group)

Step into a world of timeless romance with the Traditional Package. This package elevates your wedding experience with classic touches that always stay in style. A stunning bridal bouquet and boutonniere for the groom set the stage for your walk down the aisle, while a personalized wedding music selection adds a touch of sentiment to the moment. Your wedding photographs will be captured by a photographer and an artist who understands the significance of each shot.

3. Romantic Las Vegas Wedding Package (From $720.00 Per Group)

Indulge in the whispers of love with the Romantic Package, designed to sweep you off your feet and create a fairy-tale ambiance,including beautiful floral arrangements. A chauffeured limousine will transport you in style, while a professional makeup and hairstyling session will ensure you look and feel your best. With a unity candle ceremony and an intimate toast, they perfectly orchestrate every detail to commemorate your love.

4. Regal Las Vegas Wedding Package (From $865.00 Per Group)

Experience the pinnacle of grandeur with the Regal Package, fit for couples who want nothing less than a majestic affair. This package exudes luxury, from a lush rose bouquet and boutonniere to an extended photography session. Revel in a private dressing room, and let the harmonious melodies of a live musician serenade you as you exchange vows. A VIP limousine will whisk you away to a post-ceremony photo tour, ensuring your love story is etched against iconic Las Vegas backdrops.

At Chapel of the Flowers, your wedding day becomes a work of art, a symphony of emotions and moments you'll cherish forever. Whether you're drawn to the Basic Package's simplicity, the Traditional Package's timeless allure, the Romantic Package's enchantment, or the Regal Package's grandeur, they are there to craft an experience that reflects your love in all its beauty and uniqueness. Say "I do" confidently, knowing every detail will be perfect, leaving you to savor the moment's magic.

Las Vegas Wedding at The Little Vegas Chapel (From $260.00 or $449.00 with Limousine Per Group)

Elevate your wedding or vow renewal to a realm of perfection with an enchanting ceremony at The Little Vegas Chapel. The journey of a lifetime commences with the optional embrace of a private limousine, whisking you away from your hotel and into a world of romance. A radiant rose bouquet and boutonniere are tokens of love, while a pre-ceremony photoshoot with a skilled photographer immortalizes the anticipation before your vows. Infuse your ceremony with personal touches through consultation with the officiant, ensuring every word resonates with your heart. As you declare your love, bask in the ambiance of traditional wedding music and the poignant symbolism of a Unity candle ceremony. A six-rose bouquet exudes freshness, mirroring your union's promise, while the boutonniere adds a dash of elegance. The expertise of a professional photographer captures every fleeting moment, from the anticipation-filled prelude to the joyous pronouncement of 'I do'. With 15 digital images of your choosing, the essence of your ceremony remains at your fingertips. Should you require a witness, one is readily provided, accommodating up to 2 cherished guests. As the ceremony concludes, your return limousine ride carries not just the memories but also a video recording of your vows, allowing you to relive the magic time and again. This exceptional package encapsulates every facet of your celebration, promising a seamless fusion of romance, style, and sentiment. Let The Little Vegas Chapel be the backdrop to your unforgettable moment, where each element aligns to create a symphony of love that will resonate for a lifetime.

Additional Note: There is a option with Elvis: Elvis Wedding at The Little Vegas Chapel. You can also check out our Elvis Wedding Page Here.

Bride and Groom kissing at wedding

Bliss Chapel Weddings & Vow Renewal (From $429.00 Per Group)

Relish your extraordinary day free from the burden of logistics with the Signature Wedding package, designed to transform your dreams into reality. This comprehensive offering envelops you in modern elegance, accommodating up to 50 cherished guests within a sophisticated chapel. As a hallmark of convenience, round-trip limousine service extends a luxurious touch to your attendees, ensuring their arrival is as stylish as the occasion. Tailor the ambiance to your desires with the freedom to select floral arrangements and musical accompaniments, infusing your day with personal touches. The precious memories you craft are preserved through digital images, capturing the essence of your grand day in stunning detail. This all-encompassing package stands ready to cater to both marriages and vow renewal ceremonies, alleviating the pressures of planning and coordination. Guiding your journey is a Personal Wedding Consultant dedicated to curating an experience that reflects your unique love story. Within the embrace of the chapel, a dedicated 30-minute time slot accommodates your ceremony, ensuring ample moments to exchange vows and embrace the joy of the occasion. Traditional wedding music resonates, heightening the emotions of the moment. A hand-tied bouquet of choice, composed of six exquisite flowers, adds a vibrant touch to your ensemble. Cherish six digital images of your choosing, encompassing poised portraits and candid captures, ensuring that each aspect of your day is memorable. The convenience of a Digital Download of the Ceremony enhances your accessibility to these treasured memories. Further adding to the modernity of the occasion, the allowance of camera phone photos, videos, and live streaming during the ceremony adds an interactive element to your day. With the Signature Wedding package, you're invited to revel in the pure joy of your special day while every detail is managed with great care to create a celebration that's as unforgettable as the love you share.

Additional Note: There is also Bliss Chapel Wedding with Elvis. You can check out our Elvis Wedding Page Here.

Wedding 7 Magic Mountains (From $1790.00 Per Group)

Elevate your union with the Wedding at 7 Magic Mountains package, meticulously crafted by Pretty Day, to infuse your special day with extraordinary significance. Las Vegas is often considered cliche, but this package brings sophistication and a contemporary feel to your wedding day. They personalize ceremonies to reflect the unique essence of each couple. With their commitment to quality service, your wedding day will be as special as you imagined! Ensuring your experience is not overwhelming, the offerings are accessible in French, simplifying the process of planning your ceremony. They will also support beyond the ceremony, providing options like Hairstyle/Makeup and Dress/Costume rental and will help with legalities for France, Belgium, Switzerland, or Canada.

Within this encompassing package, you'll find a luxury limousine service, a dedicated Personal Wedding Consultant, access to an elegant chapel, traditional wedding music, a meticulously crafted bouquet, digital images, and the convenience of a Digital Download of the Ceremony, all while embracing modern interaction. With the "Wedding at 7 Magic Mountains" package, Pretty Day changes the narrative of weddings, creating unique and unforgettable experiences.

808 Deluxe Wedding at Hawaiian Wedding Chapel (From $808.00 Per Group)

Transport yourself to the romantic ambiance of Hawaii without leaving Las Vegas with the"808 Deluxe Wedding at Hawaiian Wedding Chapel." Amidst lush greenery and neutral decor, this deluxe package offers a tropical haven for your dream wedding. Choose the intimate chapel or an elegant gazebo for your ceremony, enhanced by atmospheric entrance and exit music. The package includes a professional photographer capturing a minimum of 50 digital photos, preserving every heartfelt moment. Enjoy a silk bouquet or lei, and relive the memories through a 30-day online photo gallery with unlimited downloads. With the freedom for guests to take photos inside and outside, every angle is cherished. Experience the magic of a Hawaiian paradise combined with the convenience of a hassle-free wedding package. Embrace the allure—click below to turn your dream into reality.

Bride and Groom posing after Wedding Las Vegas

Eternity Wedding Package in Las Vegas, Nevada (From 479.00 Per Group)

Experience the height of modern elegance with the Eternity Wedding Package in vibrant Las Vegas, Nevada. Tailored for couples seeking a clean and contemporary setting, this package is perfect for legal weddings with a Nevada Marriage License, vow renewals, or commitment ceremonies. The ceremony takes place in a tastefully designed chapel, which can accommodate up to 30 guests, accompanied by wedding music. A bouquet of 7 fresh roses adds natural beauty to the moment. Capture love in 20 candid ceremony photos digitally preserved for you. Relive every cherished instant through a 30-day online photo gallery with unlimited downloads. Please note they will collect a minister fee of $50.00 at the time of the wedding. Elevate your wedding experience in Las Vegas—reserve the Eternity Package to create enduring memories.

Traditional Wedding or Vow Renewal at Graceland Wedding Chapel (From $167.00 Per Person)

The Traditional Wedding or Vow Renewal at Graceland Wedding Chapel, the oldest chapel in Las Vegas, dares you to embrace timeless elegance. Let a licensed minister or officiant guide your ceremony in the iconic chapel, with space for up to 35 guests. Choose from multiple flowers, photos, videos, and live stream options to tailor your experience. Wedding music sets the ambiance, and opportunities for upgrades like wedding cake are available. Choose a round-trip limo transfer for the couple and four guests. Whether it's a legal or non-legal service or a vow renewal, cherish the moment with a marriage certificate holder and fresh flowers. Embrace tradition, elegance, and timeless memories—reserve your Graceland Chapel experience today.

Additional Note: There is a also a Graceland Wedding Chapel Elvis Wedding Option. You can also check out our Elvis Weddings Page Here.

Las Vegas Wedding at Paradise Wedding Chapel (From $199.00 Per Group)

Discover the unrivaled Las Vegas wedding experience at Paradise Wedding Chapel. The clean and modern chapel exudes a welcoming vibe for your special day. With packages to fit every budget, tie the knot in a one-of-a-kind setting that offers excellent photo opportunities on the stunning grounds and gazebo. Whether you choose the chapel or the gazebo, customize your wedding hassle-free and infuse it with all the fun. Say "I do" in style at Paradise Wedding Chapel. Create unforgettable memories by booking your authentic Las Vegas wedding experience at Paradise Wedding Chapel today, and start your journey forever.

Additional Note: There is also a Paradise Wedding Chapel Quickie Wedding Option. You can also check out our Sign and Go/Drive Up Wedding Options Here.

Las Vegas Wedding at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel (From $99.99 Per Person)

Elevate your Las Vegas wedding experience with A Special Memory Wedding Chapel. This experience guarantees that your wedding day will be remembered for eternity. Relax as every detail is seamlessly handled, from a private limousine transfer to the enchanting chapel. With three levels of service, you can personalize your ceremony to perfection. Choose the option to have Elvis serenade you and even walk you down the aisle, making your day uniquely unforgettable. You can take photos on the Las Vegas Strip to continue the memorable day. Let your love story shine in the charming chapel that accommodates up to 95 guests. Let Special Memory Wedding Chapel make your dream wedding real. Reserve your spot at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel now for a celebration that will be cherished forever.

Prices on this page are as of the day it was written. Click the link for up-to-date prices!

Las Vegas Traditional Wedding Packages: Chapel of Flowers-Bliss Chapel

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