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Las Vegas Sign, Nelson Ghost Town, Limousine Wedding Packages & More

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Bride in wedding dress at the las vegas sign

Picture yourself exchanging vows against the dazzling backdrop of the iconic Las Vegas sign, bathed in its mesmerizing lights. Take a step back in time as you declare your love amidst the rustic beauty of Eldorado Canyon and the timeless allure of Nelson Ghost Town. If speed and style are your passions, the American Shelby wedding offers the chance to unite in the presence of high-performance elegance. And for a touch of classic extravagance, indulge in the luxury of a Rolls Royce or limousine wedding as you navigate the dazzling streets of Las Vegas on your special day. Let Las Vegas be the canvas for your unique love story, where extraordinary weddings become unforgettable memories.

Las Vegas Sign Wedding and Rolls Royce Photo Tour Combo (From $1950.00 Per Group)

Start the beginning of the rest of your life on an iconic journey as you weave your love story with the vibrant essence of Las Vegas, all against the iconic backdrop of the Las Vegas Sign. The Las Vegas Sign Wedding isn't just a wedding; it's an experience that epitomizes the spirit of this dazzling city. Imagine pledging your "forever" in front of the renowned sign, then continuing your celebration in opulent style. Las Vegas Sign Wedding Rolls Royce Photo Tour Combo encapsulates luxury, romance, and lasting memories.

Step into a world of sophistication as a Rolls Royce chauffeurs you from your hotel, setting the tone for the day. Exchange vows in the presence of the Las Vegas Sign, a symbol of love and luck. Cruise the strip in a Rolls Royce, clinking champagne flutes and relishing the enchanting ambiance. A handheld rose bouquet and matching boutonniere add a touch of elegance, while commemorative champagne flutes become timeless keepsakes.

Preserve every cherished moment with at least 96 professionally captured images delivered digitally by your dedicated photographer. The Las Vegas Sign Wedding is more than a wedding; it's an immersion into the heart of Las Vegas, a fusion of luxury, celebration, and adoration. Whether you're captivated by the glitz of the city or captivated by each other, this experience encapsulates the soul of Las Vegas, one exquisite moment at a time.

Wedding Ceremony: Nelson Ghost Town (From $1854.55 Per Group)

Transform your wedding day into an unparalleled adventure within the captivating ambiance of the enchanting Nelson Ghost Town. With a touch of unconventional charm, this historic haven transforms into your uniquely exquisite wedding venue. Exchange your vows surrounded by the rustic allure of a ghost town, crafting memories as distinct as your love story. The all-inclusive wedding ceremony package ensures every detail is exquisitely taken care of.

Travel in luxury and style with round-trip limousine transportation from Las Vegas, accommodating up to eight passengers, creating an entrance as remarkable as your commitment. As a celebration of your union, a minister oversees the ceremony while a professional photographer captures every tender moment. Revel in the artistry of a bridal bouquet and boutonniere tailored to your chosen color scheme.

Toast to your future with Champagne and savor a wedding cake as you savor a snack tray for two. Let the ghost town's serene beauty echo your love's serenity. This is more than a wedding; it's an experience that intertwines history, emotion, and enchantment, culminating in unforgettable images that you will treasure for a lifetime. Embrace the extraordinary and make your wedding a part of history at Nelson Ghost Town.

bride and groom kissing at Eldorado Canyon wedding Las Vegas

Eldorado Canyon Wedding Package (From $2499.00 Per Group)

Unlock a wedding experience of timeless allure as you venture into the captivating embrace of Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town. Let go of all concerns, knowing that your transportation, photos, wedding officiant, and entrance fees are seamlessly woven into the fabric of your day, creating a genuinely hassle-free celebration. Accompanied by up to six cherished guests, embark on a journey from your Las Vegas hotel in a luxurious limousine personalized for your comfort.

Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town becomes your picturesque haven, where history meets romance. Amidst the rustic charm and enchanting landscapes, your day unfolds effortlessly. With a professional photographer capturing each candid moment and a dedicated officiant guiding your ceremony, you can bask in the beauty of the moment.

The all-inclusive Eldorado Canyon Wedding Package envelops you in luxury from start to finish. As your journey begins, relish the comfort of an air-conditioned coach, ensuring your arrival is as elegant as your day. The personalized pick-up and drop-off at your Las Vegas hotel guarantee a seamless experience. At the same time, an exclusive limo bus or stretch limousine ensures a stylish entrance to the ghost town.

Feel the romance flourish as you're adorned with a breathtaking 12-rose bridal bouquet, complemented by a single rose boutonniere, infusing your day with the essence of nature's beauty. Capture memories and the magic of your ceremony with a video sent via Google Drive and at least 100 digital photos, yours to treasure.

With a spirit of timelessness and a touch of history, your Eldorado Canyon wedding resonates with the echoes of a bygone era. Invite your guests to share your joy, and let your love story unfurl in this extraordinary setting. Let them craft an experience that celebrates your love amidst the allure of Eldorado Canyon, a cherished memory that will forever shine.

Shelby American Wedding (From $1033.77 Per Group)

Experience a wedding like no other at the Shelby American Museum in Las Vegas, where your love story intersects with your automotive passion. This wedding package is ideal for car enthusiasts, whether you are getting married or renew your vows Every detail is arranged for your comfort and convenience, from private transportation to the museum to the Las Vegas Strip hotel pickup.

Raise a toast with commemorative toasting flutes filled with your choice of alcoholic beverages, capturing the essence of your union. Immerse yourselves in the world of cars and history, and if you wish, leave your mark on the museum's Famous Wall as a symbol of your love's journey.

Combine the passion you have for each other with your love for classic cars. Say "I do" surrounded by engines that roar and polished metal that gleams, crafting a memory that resonates as much as the vehicles that grace the museum's halls.

Bride and Groom in Limousine Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas Limousine Wedding Ceremony (From $622.08 Per Group)

Celebrate your love in the heart of Las Vegas glitz and glamour with the Limousine Wedding Ceremony. This unique experience allows you to exchange vows while cruising the iconic Las Vegas Strip. With three distinct packages to choose from, including the intimate Limo Ceremony, the opulent Exquisite Ceremony, and the grand Amazing Limo Ceremony, each option promises an unforgettable celebration. Alongside a professional photographer capturing your cherished moments and a beautiful bouquet of roses, you can say "I do" in the city's dazzling lights.

You can choose between it being just the 2 of you or invite up to 4 guests for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Luxurious limousine transportation elevates your journey, accompanied by the joy of toasting Champagne amidst the vibrant energy of the Strip's backdrop.

From the officiant guiding your ceremony to the intricately arranged seamless logistics, rest assured that your special day will receive the care it deserves. As you envelop yourselves in the romance and magnetic charm of Las Vegas, allow them to create an experience that flawlessly encapsulates the city's essence and the profound depth of your love.

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Las Vegas Sign, Nelson Ghost Town, Limousine Wedding Packages & More

Las Vegas Sign Weddings, Las Vegas Weddings, Nelson Ghost Town Wedding, Limousine Wedding, Las Vegas Wedding Packages, Eldorado Canyon Wedding, American Shelby Wedding.

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