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Tom Devlin's Monster Museum Review: Museum & Haunted House

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Monster picture Tom Devlin's Monster Museum Review

Nestled just a half-hour beyond the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, in the quaint embrace of Boulder City, lies the beguiling realm of Tom Devlin's Monster Museum. As you approach, a captivating scene unfolds – hearses stand sentinel at the entrance, and a biker Frankenstein looms, hinting at the uncanny wonders within. Our recommendation: carve out at least an hour to fully savor the experience.

The museum serves as a hallowed homage to the golden age of horror. From iconic classics like the timeless Mummy and the haunting Wolfman, to more contemporary specters such as the sinister Freddy Krueger and the formidable Jason Voorhees (including the famed Uber Jason from the futuristic saga, "Jason X") and the spine-chilling Pennywise from "It," a pantheon of horror titans finds sanctuary here. A particular highlight is the chilling display featuring the bed from "The Exorcist." This exhibit evokes a shiver of fear that even the most ardent fan of the film will find impossible to ignore.

Yet, Tom Devlin's Monster Museum isn't confined to venerating the classics. It daringly delves into the world of B-horror, from the legendary Toxic Avenger to the delightfully bizarre Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Even better visitors get glimpses of Tom's artistry in his work on B-horror icons, The Puppetmaster dolls. Devlin's creative touch extends to other Full Moon Associated projects, such as the eerie GingerDead Man and aspects of the enigmatic Evil Bong series – all of which are on display for your viewing pleasure.

For those fortunate enough to visit in October, a double treat awaits. On weekends, the museum unveils two hauntingly thrilling experiences: "Nightmare at the Museum" and "The Fright Zone." We're mindful not to reveal too much, but suffice it to say that both are a plunge into terror, with Tom's masterful craftsmanship apparent in the haunting masks that adorn the specters. These haunted houses stand among the most exceptional we've encountered, making a visit during Halloween season an absolute must.

As you conclude your visit, don't miss the chance to explore the treasure trove of masks and other memorabilia in the gift shop. Here, you might discover the perfect keepsake to commemorate your journey through the eerie corridors. Long-time enthusiasts of the horror genre ourselves, Tom Devlin's Monster Museum was a captivating detour outside of Las Vegas. If your Las Vegas trip spans several days, or if you find yourself in the enchanting embrace of Boulder City, give Tom Devlin's Monster Museum a try. You can thank us later. banner

Tom Devlin's Monster Museum Review

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