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The D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Review: Restaurants, Rooms & Pool!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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The D Las Vegas on Fremont Street

The D Casino & Hotel is a place in downtown Las Vegas, where the lively energy and impressive history of Las Vegas still live. Right in the center of downtown Las Vegas, you get so much to choose from. While The Vegas Twins suggest first-time visitors stay on the Strip, experienced visitors may prefer Fremont as an alternative. Let's look closer at The D Las Vegas.

Experience Luxury at The D Las Vegas Rooms:

Your experience at The D Las Vegas begins as soon as you enter your room, where its commitment to comfort and style becomes immediately evident, providing a combination of contemporary elegance with the nostalgic allure of Las Vegas. The rooms are comfortable and offered everything we needed for an excellent stay. While in Vegas you may not sleep much, but that 3 to 4 hours of sleep you do get, can go a long way, it's nice to be comfortable. Obviously, they provide Big screen TVS and the bathroom was more than suitable for our needs., The D Las Vegas rooms offer guests the perfect haven to relax and rejuvenate after an eventful day in the bustling Sin City. Each one of their carefully appointed rooms ensures every stay with them will be nothing less than luxurious.

Within the rooms, guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere that effortlessly balances coziness and refinement, incorporating all the necessary elements for a truly indulgent stay. From plush bedding that cradles your comfort to cutting-edge amenities like flat-screen TVs and meticulously designed bathrooms, The D Las Vegas rooms provide a serene sanctuary where guests can unwind and rejuvenate. After a day of adventure and thrill, these thoughtfully appointed rooms offer a nice place to regroup and recharge, to get ready to take on Vegas again.

Relaxation and Fun at The D Las Vegas Pool:

We enjoyed starting our day with our "breakfast daiquiri" the perfect blend of all the essential Las Vegas nutrients, fruit, and alcohol, but seriously the pool was a fun place to relax and enjoy ourselves. A rooftop pool in our opinion is always a good time, this one gave you an excellent view of downtown Las Vegas

Culinary Delights at The D Las Vegas Restaurants:

When it comes to dining, The D Las Vegas doesn't disappoint. This hotel features an assortment of dining options designed to cater to everyone's taste - from elegant experiences like Andiamo Steakhouse's delectable Italian fare and elegant ambiance to American Coney Island's comfort food - providing guests with everything they need for a satisfying culinary journey without ever leaving its premises.

Exploring the Fremont Street Experience:

One of the many advantages of staying at The D Las Vegas is its proximity to the Fremont Street Experience, an immersive world of entertainment, street performances, and shops and bars just moments from exiting the hotel. The Fremont Street Experience's LED canopy displays stunning visuals and light shows to add even more excitement in downtown Las Vegas; The D Las Vegas offers direct access for easy exploration and enjoyment of this immersive entertainment.

Gaming Excitement at The D Casino & Hotel:

The heart of The D Las Vegas is undoubtedly its casino floor, which embodies the essence of classic Las Vegas gaming. It's like a scene right out of an older Las Vegas movie, with a vibe that encapsulates the spirit of Sin City. As is expected they offer table games, slots, and of course a sportsbook. Our experience was the staff was always ready to get us a new drink.

A Comprehensive Experience at The D Las Vegas:

The D Las Vegas has a bit of an old-school Las Vegas Vibe, while still having plenty of modern amenities, it's the best of both worlds. In our opinion, the central location downtown and the comfortable rooms make this a good choice if looking to stay downtown. From the dynamic casino floor to the relaxing rooftop pool, the eclectic dining options, to the proximity to the Fremont Street Experience, The D Las Vegas encapsulates the essence of both the past and present of this iconic city. For an unforgettable Las Vegas trip that merges nostalgia with modern excitement, prioritize The D Casino & Hotel.

Final thoughts on our experience at The D Las Vegas:

The D Las Vegas Hotel offers a memorable and fulfilling encounter that genuinely encapsulates the essence of downtown Las Vegas. From its convenient central location to modern rooms and an array of amenities - such as its dynamic casino floor to relaxing rooftop pool to diverse dining options to being close to Fremont Street Experience - The D embodies both nostalgia and modern excitement of this iconic city - making an unforgettable stay with The D Casino & Hotel unforgettable! banner ad link to The D Las Vegas banner link to The D las Vegas rectangular banner

The D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Review: Restaurants, Rooms & Pool!

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