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Staying Mid-Strip in Las Vegas: Center Strip with Transportation Guide

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip

So, you are about to take your very first Las Vegas vacation? Good for you! As you prepare for an unforgettable adventure, one crucial decision awaits you - where to stay? Look no further than the heartbeat of Vegas, the vibrant and iconic mid-Strip area! Center Strip balances convenience and entertainment, putting you right amid all the glitz and glamour. Get ready to delve into why staying mid-strip is the ultimate choice for your Sin City sojourn!

Mid-Strip: Your Gateway to Vegas Wonderland!

Congratulations, dear travelers! You're about to embark on an exhilarating journey, and mid-Strip is your passport to the ultimate Vegas experience. This central area grants you access to the city's most legendary attractions. From world-famous casinos and awe-inspiring shows to a plethora of mouthwatering dining options, everything you've ever dreamt of lies at your fingertips.

Hotels for Every Dreamer!

In the heart of this neon-lit paradise, you'll find a dreamy selection of hotels to suit every taste and budget.

Budget-Friendly Gems:

If you're watching your pennies, fret not! Hotels like Planet Hollywood and Paris offer affordable rates without skimping on the fun factor. Embrace the vibrant party atmosphere and immerse yourself in the heart of the action without breaking the bank. If these are still too expensive, check out The Linq or Park MGM for your trip.

Lavish Escapes:

For those ready to splurge, consider the grand trio of Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, and Aria. These opulent havens offer luxurious suites, world-class entertainment, and dining experiences that will leave you starry-eyed. Revel in the lap of luxury, and let Vegas pamper you like royalty.

Perks of Staying Mid-Strip:

Besides the obvious convenience, mid-Strip offers a treasure trove of perks to enhance your Vegas adventure.

Wake Up to Iconic Views:

Imagine waking up to breathtaking views of the Strip, with the glimmering lights enticing you to start your day of exploration.

Endless Entertainment:

From sunrise to sunset, mid-Strip is the epicenter of non-stop entertainment. Catching a dazzling show, testing your luck at the casino tables, or dining at world-renowned restaurants is just a stroll away.

Getting Around Made Easy:

One of the biggest advantages of staying mid-strip is the sheer convenience of getting around.

Walking Wonderment:

Embrace the magic of walking on the Strip and let the energy of the city guide your steps. Walking doesn't only get you to your destination; it's one of our favorite activities in Vegas as there is never a shortage of people watching to take in. Just take a stroll down the Las Vegas Strip, a drink or 2 in hand, and see all the people and performers. ( Just don't take a picture without knowing the price upfront.)

Free Trams:

For a touch of gliding glamour, hop aboard the free trams that whisk you effortlessly between iconic resorts. Travel like a Pharaoh as you move from Mandalay Bay to Luxor and Excalibur, exploring the south end of the Strip with ease.

Deuce Bus:

Hop on the famous Deuce bus for a lively city tour along the Strip. Catching a ride on this double-decker beauty allows you to experience the bustling atmosphere of Las Vegas up close.


While the monorail offers a unique perspective, keep in mind that most stops are located behind the hotels, requiring a bit of walking to reach them. Although not our top favorite option, it can be a time-saving choice when covering longer distances.

Fremont Street: A Tempting Detour:

Now, you might have heard about Fremont Street, the historic heart of downtown Las Vegas. While it's undeniably worth a visit, especially for history buffs or those seeking a different side of Vegas, it might not offer the quintessential Vegas experience that the grandeur of the Strip embodies.

Vegas on TV:

When people envision Las Vegas, it's usually the dazzling Strip with its iconic mega-resorts, vibrant shows, and bustling energy. The rest of Las Vegas is nice, but it's not what you've seen on TV.

Embrace the Mid-Strip Magic!

In the heart of it all, mid-Strip promises an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. The neon lights, electrifying energy, and diverse experiences will leave you enchanted. One of the most exciting aspects of staying mid-strip is that you're never too far from anything.

Convenient Access:

Whether it's catching a world-class show, savoring a delectable meal, or trying your luck at the casinos, everything you desire is just a stone's throw away. The convenience of mid-Strip ensures that you can make the most of your time and experience the essence of Vegas.

Branch Out for Your Next Trip:

Staying mid-strip also allows you to explore various sections of the city with ease. You will find the areas of the Strip or elsewhere that you like best and can even plan future trips around staying in those areas.

Your Vegas journey starts here, among the iconic resorts, legendary attractions, and dazzling entertainment. So embrace the magic of staying mid-Strip, and let Las Vegas unfold before you in all its splendor! 🎲🏙️ banner link to Las Vegas Strip Hotels banner link Las Vegas Strip rectangular banner

Staying Mid-Strip in Las Vegas: Center Strip with Guide to Transportation

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