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Stadium Swim At Circa Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Review: Adults Only

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Brunette in blue bikini at Stadium Swim at Circa Las Vegas

Las Vegas, baby! Where else can you find a place like Stadium Swim—a poolside paradise like a slice of heaven right here on Earth? Get ready for a whirlwind adventure through this fabulous hotspot, complete with mouthwatering menu delights, poolside rules to keep the good vibes flowing, a drinks menu that'll make your taste buds dance, a peek at the price tag, the scoop on those fancy lower cabanas, and of course, a style guide to ensure you look as fabulous as the venue itself. Let's jump in and splash around in all the fun!

Feast Mode: The Menu

Picture this: you're basking in the Vegas sun, you're in a swimsuit, and your stomach starts growling. Stadium Swim's got you covered with a perfect menu for lunch or a poolside snack. It's a treasure trove of flavors designed to satisfy all kinds of cravings. With classic comfort food like juicy burgers and cheesy pizzas to elegant seafood dishes and refreshing salads, they've got something for every palate, and they didn't forget about the vegetarians or those gluten-free champs. They've got options for everyone, and let's not forget the presentation—every dish is a work of art, making your meal as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious.

Rule the Pool: Guest Rules

As much as we all want to let loose and have a blast, Stadium Swim has some ground rules to ensure everyone has a great time. It's all about creating a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone to soak up. Here's the deal: If you don't go crazy and run around and jump in the pool doing cannonballs, there shouldn't be any issues. Everyone wants you to have a great time, and it is an outstanding location for that.

Sip Sip Hooray: The Drinks Menu

Okay, now that we've covered the food, let's talk about drinks. Stadium Swim is like a liquid wonderland, with an extensive drink menu that caters to your every whim. Whether you're into classic cocktails that'll make you feel like James Bond, or you want to venture into the realm of creative concoctions, the bar at Stadium Swim has got you covered. Their mixologists are like cocktail wizards, whipping up drinks that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to your taste buds. They've got a treasure trove of options—beer, wine, spirits, and even non-alcoholic goodies for the designated drivers or those taking a break from the hard stuff. Cheers to that!

Price Tag Reality: The Cost

Now, let's talk about the green stuff—money, honey. Living the high life at Stadium Swim doesn't come for free, right? The cost can vary depending on a few factors, like when you go and if any special events or deals are happening. But you're paying for an experience like no other. Think about it—where else can you lounge in a pool with a 143-foot-wide high-definition screen while sipping on fancy drinks and munching on gourmet food? So, while it's a splurge, it's worth every penny for those looking to indulge in a premium poolside retreat.

Cabana Couture: Lower Cabanas

For those who want to take their Stadium Swim experience to the next level, enter the lower cabanas. These little slices of paradise offer you a private haven within the pool area. With plush seating, ample shade, and personalized service, it's like your own slice of VIP heaven. You'll have dedicated servers at your beck and call, making sure your every need is met. Whether you're seeking privacy or want to bask in the lap of luxury, the lower cabanas at Stadium Swim offer an elevated level of comfort and relaxation that's hard to resist.

Dress to Impress: The Style Guide

Now, let's talk fashion, darling! When it comes to dressing for Stadium Swim, think of it as your runway. The aim? To keep things chic, stylish, and just a dash glamorous. The idea is to blend in with the vibrant Las Vegas scene while keeping it classy. Of course, since it's a pool area, you'll be wearing your trendiest swimwear. But do remember, there's a fine line between fashionable swimwear and, well, let's say, "less is more" isn't always the best approach. The goal is to maintain a sophisticated and inclusive atmosphere, keep it tasteful, and avoid anything overly revealing or offensive. After all, you're in Vegas, baby—so looking fabulous is all part of the experience!

In a Nutshell: Conclusion

In the wild world of Las Vegas, Stadium Swim stands as an oasis of luxury, entertainment, and relaxation. With a menu that caters to every craving, a set of rules to keep the party in check, a drinks menu that'll keep you refreshed, and pricing options to match your desire for the extraordinary, Stadium Swim offers an unrivaled poolside experience. And don't forget those lower cabanas, adding that touch of exclusivity and personal pampering. Oh, and the dress code? It's all about contributing to the overall glamorous vibe. So, if you're on the hunt for a pool experience that's memorable, rejuvenating, and filled with fun, Stadium Swim is the place to be. Dive in, soak up the vibes, and get ready to leave refreshed, entertained, and already planning your next visit! banner link banner link

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Stadium Swim At Circa Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Review: Adults Only

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