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Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Review: Center of the Strip

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Paris Hotel and Casino at night on Las Vegas Strip

Nestled in lively Las Vegas, the Paris Hotel and Casino flawlessly melds the charm of the City of Light with the excitement of a top-notch gambling mecca, ensuring visitors an unparalleled and lasting impression. Boasting opulent accommodations, an enticing poolside retreat, a wide array of culinary experiences, and an enviable position in the bustling city center, the Paris Hotel and Casino stands as a sanctuary where magnificence and amusement converge harmoniously.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas Rooms:

Experience the whimsical charm of Paris Hotel Las Vegas rooms – where comfort meets French flair! Discover a blend of modern conveniences and elegant Parisian design, crafting an atmosphere as inviting as it is upscale. Whether you're picking a deluxe room or a suite, we've got options aplenty. And oh la la! Don't forget the stunning Eiffel Tower view rooms, treating you to dazzling Strip sights. Soft beds, roomy layouts, and extra touches ensure your stay in the Burgundy room – a spacious 390 sq. ft. haven with 2 queens or 1 king – leaves you feeling relaxed and utterly refreshed.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas Pool:

Step away from the casino buzz and discover pure tranquility at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas pool. Spanning an elevated 2 acres, this oasis is a stylish haven designed to offer respite from the Strip's vibrant energy. Bask in the sun-soaked serenity with your favorite drink in hand, or embrace the refreshing embrace of the sparkling waters. Open year-round, except for unruly weather, the pool guarantees an escape whether you're after relaxation or some sunny excitement. While it may not claim the title of Vegas' ultimate pool, its proximity to the iconic Eiffel Tower replica elevates its visual appeal to a whole new level.

Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Restaurants:

Paris Hotel and Casino offers a diverse selection of dining options that cater to every palate. While the closure of Martorano's Italian and Le Village Buffet is unfortunate, fear not, as the resort still houses outstanding restaurants. Treat your taste buds to the gourmet creations at Gordon Ramsay Steak, where exceptional cuts of meat and delectable sides await. Indulge in the sophisticated atmosphere and world-class cuisine of the renowned Eiffel Tower Restaurant, which offers stunning views alongside its exquisite French-inspired dishes. From authentic French delicacies to international flavors like Nobu, the dining choices at the Paris Hotel are sure to satisfy even the most discerning of food enthusiasts. If you are on the go, stop for a bite at Bobby Flay Burger; it's fast food but a good quick meal.

Prime Position for Fun:

Nestled right in the beating heart of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, Paris Hotel and Casino scores major points for its location. The Paris Hotel couldn't be much more in the center of the action, right near Planet Hollywood and Bellagio! You're a leisurely stroll away from legendary sights like the Bellagio Fountains and the towering High Roller Observation Wheel. If you're on the hunt for shopping, wild nightlife, or world-class shows, guess what? They are all right at your footsteps, making the Paris Hotel and Casino a center of entertainment.

Parking Perks at Paris Playground:

Guess what? Paris Hotel Las Vegas handles your parking needs like a pro. And the prices? Not gonna break the bank. It's $18 a day from Monday to Thursday, with a slight increase to $23 from Friday to Sunday. Now, if you're a hotel guest, the price is $18 a day all week, making the price more affordable. And here's the cherry on top: Caesars Rewards Platinum and Diamond VIPs score free parking. While locals enjoy their first three hours on the house. Easy-peasy parking at the Paris Hotel? Consider convenience checked!

The Grand Finale:

Hold onto your hats because Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas has the jackpot of locations. Nestled in the heart of the strip, it's your one-way ticket to the good times. Luxurious rooms? Check. Tranquil poolside? Double check. Diverse dining that'll make your taste buds dance? Triple check. This resort is all about making your stay a memory-packed extravaganza. Whether in the mood to kick back, rock out, or feast like a king, Paris Hotel and Casino is here to exceed your expectations. Get ready for a Vegas adventure that'll be the stuff of legends that's in the middle of the glittering Las Vegas Strip. banner link for Paris Hotel and Casino Las vegas banner link Paris Las Vegas rectangular banner

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