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Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Review

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Michael Jackson impersonator Michael Jackson One in Las Vegas

Picture yourself strolling down the vibrant Las Vegas Strip and suddenly irresistibly drawn into a world of music, dance, and pure artistry. That's the captivating realm of "Michael Jackson ONE" by Cirque du Soleil, a spellbinding tribute to the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In this detailed review, let's explore what makes this experience so powerful. The factors range from ticket prices to show length, those often-overlooked fees, the perfect location at Mandalay Bay, the resounding applause from audiences who've been swept off their feet, and even a mention of the gift shop for grabbing some MJ memorabilia.

Unveiling the Magic: An Artistic Journey Like No Other

The moment those curtains rise, "Michael Jackson ONE" doesn't just entertain; it whisks you away into a realm where the genius of Michael Jackson dances hand in hand with the creative brilliance of Cirque du Soleil. The show masterfully weaves Michael's iconic pop hits like "Thriller," "Bad," "Beat It," and "Dirty Diana" into breathtaking acrobatics and visually stunning choreography. The cast and crew have put their hearts and soul into capturing Michael Jackson's music, leaving a last impression that audiences rave about!

The Beat of Michael Jackson ONE Prices: Affordable Access to Magic

Let's talk about the lifeblood of any show: ticket prices. "Michael Jackson ONE" offers a variety of ticket categories to cater to different preferences and budgets. Prices will vary depending on seat location, show time, and date. While premium seats closer to the stage naturally come at a higher cost, the experience is worth every penny. As of today on Viator, ticket prices are starting at $96.86 with a low price guarantee.

This pricing approach ensures "Michael Jackson ONE" caters to folks with varying budgets. The pricing means that whether you're a die-hard fan or just someone looking for an incredible show, you won't have to break the bank to experience this fantastic performance.

A Rhythmic 90 Minutes: Perfectly Balanced

In the world of live performances, timing is everything. "Michael Jackson ONE" has a runtime of approximately 90 minutes, providing a compact yet enthralling journey through the King of Pop's iconic discography. The show length is set at 90 minutes to make sure the crowd is fully invested in the show and doesn't get burnt out.

Tuning into Michael Jackson ONE Show Fees:

As with most shows in Las Vegas, be aware of any additional fees. The fees are service charges, handling fees, and taxes. While they can incrementally add to the overall cost, they are customary for most shows and events in Las Vegas. Checking with the site for the most accurate information on fees it is always recommended to avoid surprise fees. We recommend the links below for a ticket-buying process. The tickets are $96.86 and for VIP 373.57, but are subject to change.

The Mandalay Bay Melody: The Perfect Setting for Magic:

Let's delve into the fantastic setting where all the enchantment happens. "Michael Jackson ONE" calls Mandalay Bay home on the bustling Las Vegas Strip. Mandalay Bay's location on the south end of the strip has a tram from Excalibur over to Mandalay Bay. It is the perfect spot to immerse yourself in this exceptional homage to the King of Pop. Whether you're coming from a nearby hotel or a local looking for a night out, Mandalay Bay's accessibility adds to the overall convenience and appeal of attending the show.

Audience Applause: A Resounding Ovation

A live performance thrives on the applause of its audience, and "Michael Jackson ONE" has consistently garnered enthusiastic praise. People in the audience love the show because of its stunning visuals, how seamlessly they've mixed in Cirque du Soleil's jaw-dropping acrobatics, and most importantly, how it pays tribute to Michael Jackson's music and lasting legacy. Audiences are always impressed by the cast but with the impressive stage design and lighting effects. It's almost like you are at a Michael Jackson concert. It's common for the crowd to come to their feet to give a standing ovation after the show.

A Memorable Souvenir: The Gift Shop

Make sure you swing by the gift shop before you head out. They've got all sorts of goodies, from t-shirts and posters to cool collectibles, so you're bound to find something you like.. Bring a fantastic night to an end with a stop at the gift shop.

Conclusion: A Rhythmic Journey of Tribute

"Michael Jackson ONE" by Cirque du Soleil is a heartfelt journey paying tribute to the immense talent of the King of Pop. The show brings to life everything that made Michael Jackson's music and artistry "truly" exceptional, along with the mesmerizing acrobatics of the choreographed dances. The pricing options provide flexibility, allowing any budget to enjoy the show. And with its convenient location at Mandalay Bay at the south end of the strip, experiencing "Michael Jackson ONE" is not just a show; it's an accessible and convenient adventure now!

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil At Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Review

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