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Marquee Day Club Review: Year-Round Dome Pool Club in Las Vegas!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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sexy black haired woman, striped bikini at Marquee Dayclub

Embracing the Tropical Vibes

Marque is a nonstop party environment. From the moment you step in, you will step into a fun party vibe with the best DJs and the Vegas pool scene that you expect. With a tropical vibe and a party atmosphere, it is an experience you should not miss. With it now being year-round, you have the pool party experience all year.

Sipping in Style: Frozen Drinks and More

Marquee Day Club's frozen drinks menu is nothing short of a revelation. The Frozen Blueberry Redbull was an explosion of flavors, blending the tartness of blueberries with the kick of Redbull – the perfect pick-me-up. The Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris and Pina Coladas were like sipping sunshine in a glass, refreshing and delightful. The bar also boasts an impressive selection of champagne, vodka, gin, rosé, and cognac, ensuring that your drink preferences are catered to with style.

A Culinary Adventure: Food That Delights the Palate

As a food enthusiast, I couldn't have been more impressed with Marquee Day Club's culinary offerings. The Breakfast Melt Sandwich was a heavenly combination of crispy bacon, gooey cheese, and perfectly cooked eggs, providing the ideal start to my day. The Chopped Summer Salad and Caesar Salad were vibrant and fresh, showcasing the finest ingredients of the season. For those craving something heartier, the Jersey Dogs, Sushi, Margherita Pizza, and Thai BBQ Pizza were all exquisite choices, each bite bursting with flavor.

The Marvel of Marquee: The Dome

One of the most remarkable features of Marquee Day Club is its dome, a marvel that turns this tropical paradise into an all-year-round destination. The dome encloses the entire club, creating a cozy ambiance even in the chilliest of winters. The pool is heated to a toasty 90 degrees, ensuring that the party doesn't stop when the temperatures drop. Picture yourself surrounded by snowflakes, immersed in a heated pool, sipping your favorite drink, and dancing to the beat – that's the unique experience Marquee Day Club offers during winter.

Marquee Pool and Dayclub

Chic Soirees: Dress to Impress

Marquee Day Club maintains an upscale ambiance by enforcing a dress code that encourages patrons to dress to impress in upscale swim attire. No shorts or overly casual clothing are allowed, ensuring that everyone looks chic and sophisticated. This policy enhances the atmosphere, making every guest feel like a VIP and contributing to the club's classy reputation.

Lounging in Luxury: Daybeds and Beyond

For the ultimate VIP experience, booking a daybed at Marquee Day Club is an absolute must. These luxurious havens provide a private space to relax, socialize, and enjoy the festivities. The prices for daybeds vary, with Saturdays being the peak day. However, regardless of the day you choose to visit, the experience is worth every penny. Picture yourself reclining in comfort, shaded from the sun, and enjoying impeccable service – it's the epitome of luxury living.

In conclusion, Marquee Day Club is more than just a pool party – it's an immersive experience that combines exquisite drinks, delectable food, and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, unwinding with friends, or simply indulging in the luxury of a tropical paradise, Marquee Day Club delivers on every front. The dome, with its heated pool and year-round party vibes, sets this venue apart as a must-visit destination, ensuring that the good times keep rolling, even amid winter. So, if you're looking for a taste of paradise, Marquee Day Club is where you need to be, offering a world of fun, flavor, and fabulousness that will leave you counting down the days until your next visit.

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Marquee Day Club Review: Year-Round Dome Pool Club in Las Vegas!

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