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Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Review: Fountains, Pool, Restaurants & More!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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Bellagio Las Vegas outdoor Photo with Bellagio Fountains

Right in the heart of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip, you'll find the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, a place that's all about swankiness, luxury, and having a blast! Picture this: there's this jaw-dropping Bellagio Fountain, rooms that make you feel like royalty, pools that just beg for a splash, a spa that'll make you feel like a new person, and more food options than you can shake a cocktail at. We're diving into the world of Bellagio Las Vegas in this review, showing off its awesome stuff and why it's still the top choice for folks looking to rock a perfect Las Vegas getaway.

The Bellagio Fountain:

Where Water Meets Magic with a Splash! Let's dive into the Bellagio, and you can't splash in without talking about the mind-blowing Bellagio Fountain show. Nestled right at the heart of the resort, this place is all about water that dances to the beat of music. Picture this: over 1,200 individual fountains, a colossal 8.5-acre lake, and water jets shooting up to a staggering 460 feet in the air. When evening comes, the fountain show comes to life with a light and music show that will leave you breathless.

Here's the kicker:

This aquatic symphony happens every evening, like clockwork, and it's free for everyone to enjoy. So, the Bellagio Fountain isn't just about art and extravagance; it's a numbers game, too, where water meets magic with a splash!

Luxurious Lodgings with a Dash of Vegas Magic:

The Bellagio Las Vegas offers a range of accommodations that cater to your unique desires. The classy Deluxe Rooms provide approximately 510 to 550 square feet of space, combining modern amenities with chic furnishings for comfort and style.

If you're craving even more luxury, the Bellagio spoils you with its lavish Suites. The Fountain View Suite, with around 853 to 866 square feet, offers breathtaking views of the iconic Bellagio Fountains and includes a separate living area and a king-sized bed. For the pinnacle of opulence, consider the Penthouse Suite, with a sprawling 1,536 to 1,728 square feet of space, a separate bedroom featuring a king bed, a spacious living area, and panoramic vistas of the dazzling Las Vegas Strip and picturesque surrounding mountains. Whether you're gazing at the vibrant lights of the Strip or the serene beauty of the mountains, your stay at the Bellagio promises a touch of natural allure and an unforgettable Vegas adventure.

Poolside Paradise:

The Bellagio Pool is a hidden oasis nestled in the heart of the Las Vegas excitement. This Mediterranean-inspired retreat offers a serene escape amidst the city's hustle and bustle. With not one, not two, but a total of five pools, including two inviting lap pools and three charming smaller pools, there's a spot for every aquatic adventurer.

The real star of this aquatic show is the Cypress pool, adorned with lush landscaping and exclusive private cabanas. Whether you're in the mood for some quiet relaxation or prefer to mingle with fellow guests, the Bellagio Pool caters to your every sun-soaked whim. So, grab your sunscreen, choose your perfect pool, and dive into the Vegas sunshine for an unforgettable experience!

Indulge in Pure Bliss at the Bellagio Spa:

When it comes to ultimate pampering and relaxation, the Bellagio Spa reigns supreme. This award-winning haven seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary techniques, offering a diverse menu of rejuvenating treatments that have garnered international acclaim. Whether you're in dire need of a soul-soothing massage or yearning for a revitalizing facial, the highly skilled therapists at the Bellagio Spa are masters at tailoring each experience to cater to your unique needs.

But it's not just about the treatments; it's the whole package. The spa's tranquil setting on the 8th floor of the Bellagio Tower provides you with breathtaking views of the iconic Las Vegas Strip – talk about a serene escape from the casino floor's buzz. Plus, there are plush relaxation lounges, steam rooms, and whirlpools to sink into, creating an atmosphere of pure indulgence and luxury. So, if you're craving the crème de la crème of spa experiences, the Bellagio Spa should be your top pick, where every visit promises rejuvenation in the lap of opulence.

Feast Your Senses at Bellagio Las Vegas:

Get ready for a culinary adventure that'll make your taste buds dance! The Bellagio Las Vegas has a lineup of dining options that's nothing short of impressive, covering all the flavors you can dream of. Whether you're in the mood for a fancy fine dining experience or a laid-back meal, this place has you covered.

Picture this: at Picasso, the genius chef Julian Serrano serves up a tantalizing blend of French and Spanish cuisine that'll have you saying "magnifique!" Or why not step into the enchanting world of Le Cirque with its lavish decor and innovative menu that'll leave you feeling like you're dining in a dream? And for those craving a taste of Italy with a modern twist, Lago by Julian Serrano is a must-visit.

But wait, there's more fun to be had! Bellagio also has some casual dining options like Café Bellagio and the iconic Buffet. So, whether you're a foodie on a gourmet adventure or just looking for a satisfying bite, you'll find a world of flavors to explore right here at Bellagio Las Vegas.

In a Nutshell:

Bellagio Las Vegas is the ultimate spot where luxury, entertainment, and pure indulgence come together for a party you won't forget. Picture this: those hypnotic Bellagio Fountains, rooms so fancy they make you feel like a celeb, a poolside oasis that'll chill you right out, a spa that's like a reset button for your soul, and dining options that'll make your taste buds dance with joy.

No matter what you're up to – maybe a romantic escape, a family adventure, or even a fancy business retreat – Bellagio Las Vegas has got your back. It's the kind of place that screams "Vegas luxury" and serves it up on a silver platter. So, if you're looking for a good time in the heart of Sin City, this is where the magic happens. banner banner rectangular banner

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Review: Fountains, Pool, Restaurants & More!

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